Manhattan Bedding

12" Hybrid Euro Top Mattress

$249.99 $399.99

The most innovative sleep now comes delivered in a box! The all-new 12" Hybrid Euro Top Mattress contains 3 unique layers of continuous self-contouring support & pressure relief with our intuitive blend of REMTEK® Memory Foam & Phase Change Material (PCM). Our proprietary application of PCM continually absorbs heat from both the body and other environmental temperatures to help maintain a constant, more natural night's sleep with unparalleled support. REMTEK's OmniSense™ & SupportSense™ Comfort Foam offers firm support to the back & lumbar and also provides long-lasting resistance to body indentations and impressions. Additionally, the ISOCore™ Support System offers zoned edge support for better stability, consistency, breathability, and adaptive performance to help reduce partner disturbances for a more sound, blissful sleep.

  • Open design ensures airflow, breathability, & efficient heat transfer
  •  Absorbs heat and helps maintain a constant temperature
  • Fast response for immediate comfort and relaxation
  • Self-contouring back and lumbar support
  • Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions
  • Designed to ergonomically support the body to reduce partner disturbance
  • Gel-infused Memory Foam keeps you cool so you can sleep better

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